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Julie Taing

"I love making people feel good about themselves. It is because of people I meet on a day to day that inspires me to Create."

Currently working in Southern California, Julie Taing, has been showcasing her expertise throughout the beauty industry. With over 15 years of experience, her work can be seen in editorials, red carpet, fashion week, and on celebrity clients. 

Where it all began ….

Julie’s love for makeup started with working on friends in high school for school performances, and then landed a coveted spot on the Sephora pro team (an elite group of 15 makeup artists that represent Sephora across North and South America). In the 14 years at Sephora, Julie has traveled the world showcasing her talent and sharing her expertise to fellow artists, influencers and clients worldwide. Her work has been featured in Elle, Marie Claire, Gracias and many more. Her last two years on the Sephora Pro team were spent as one of two Lead Artists mentoring the team's development in artistry, trend, and hairstyling for makeup artists.

Not only did Julie love to execute and educate artistry, she also loves to create products. During her later part of the pro team, she spent a lot of time behind the scenes helping Sephora Collection create ground breaking products. One in which was a makeup brush with an innovative, never before seen shape that landed her a patent for brush design. This brush eventually became a franchise for Sephora and is ranked top reviews by consumers. Another game changing project was color IQ which changed the way we looked at foundation by giving you your scientific perfect match! Julie helped create the foundation color grid and standard for each foundation category. The Color IQ device became a guiding tool for artists in store with color matching and helped consumers shop foundations with ease. Through her global perspective, marketing savvy, and passion for products, she was a key role in business development for Sephora Collection and sought out to consult with various brands in the industry…

Now fast forward 15 years later

Julie decided to take her experience with Sephora and start her own business with Julie Taing Artistry. Her attention to detail and technical skills as a makeup artist seamlessly transitioned her into the world of semi-permanent makeup. Her ability to blend her knowledge of makeup artistry and permanent makeup has given her a unique edge in tattooing natural results. Clients often say that her work is “so natural” and they “can’t believe it’s not real”. Every client can be assured that she takes pride, joy and love in what she does. And expect to walk away with some tips and trips as she has a passion for teaching still! She is currently working out of San Diego and is double certified in microblading (basic and advanced course certified), lip blush, brow henna and tattoo removal!

Julie finds inspiration through connecting with her clients and creating looks that truly enhance their best feature and compliments their personality. Her love for travel has given her an advantage of seeing and understanding global beauty which influences her design in makeup and permanent makeup.

She specializes in print, video, red carpet, wedding, consulting, education and permanent makeup.