Great service when you are looking to add definition to your brows. Best results for clients with full brows but light in color and those looking to try a new shape and or color before jumping into microblading. The results will be natural, defined, full brows. Overall results will vary per person.

Process takes about 45 min. We first go over shape and end goal. Then we brow map to get the perfect shape, symmetry and balance. Next, we apply the henna and let it develop for 20 minutes. Upon request, we can do a sheer henna pigment mask for even longer pigment stay!

***We typically go a little darker than your natural brow hair to prolong the fade of henna. What you see initially will gradually fade the next day, and then the next and so forth …

For best results, keep brows free of water for first 24 hours. Avoid putting brow product and exfoliating brows. The less you do to them, the longer it will lasts. This also varies depending on skin type and lifestyle. More oil and or sweating means the henna breaks down sooner.



Brow Henna is a natural, quick, and most importantly, painless way to achieve full brows. It is a great alternative to powder, soft touch, and ombre brows. Brow henna tints the hair approximately up to 6 weeks and skin for approximately 7-10 days (will gradually fade daily). This will all vary depending on skin type and skincare routine. Individual results will vary too!

Book brow henna at your next event!

I offer group rates and packages.

Now booking for weddings and special occasions.

Dance the night away and wake up knowing your brows are on point!

*** Add Brow Henna to your permanent makeup consultation to wear the look a bit longer before making a decision!

Please feel free to reach out to me for personal questions and or to see if this service is best for You.


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